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Why Anthropology?

Woman hugging child with quote "anthropology is the study of all cultures across time and space. Through comparitive studies, anthropologists determine how people of the world are similar and different. They explore issues such as health care, human rights, law, industry, development, global population, and more."

Find out why our students choose to study Anthropology!

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Anthropology News

Check out Anthropology faculty and students' latest news, accomplishments, and upcoming events!

Dr. Lambert: CHASS Distinguished Professor 2017

December 08, 2017

McKinley Benson

Dr. Patricia Lambert, professor of anthropology, was granted the honorary title of Distinguished Professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) for 2017....

A Week with Guest Anthropologist LIC Rafael Vasquez Guerrero

November 01, 2017

Peruvian Anthropologist, LIC Rafael Vasquez Guerrero, came to USU to give a guest presentation at the Museum of Anthropology. Learn more about his visit....

"King's Road:" 2018 USU Civil Rights Pilgrimage

September 26, 2017

An opportunity for four USU undergraduate students to travel with USU professors Jason Gilmore and Francois Dengah on a seven-day trip through the American South. On this trip, students will visit ico...

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