Research Centers and Labs

Spatial Data, Collection, Analysis and Visualization Lab

The Spatial Data, Collection, Analysis and Visualization Lab is a fully functioning geospatial laboratory, providing spatial analysis, modeling, and visualization services in cultural, social and behavioral studies. Lab members work closely with the archaeological community to develop innovative strategies for documenting the archaeological record. For instance, investigators incorporate magnetometer and ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey with traditional archaeological site mapping to identify areas of potential interest that can be used for cultural resource management purposes.

Molly Cannon

Human Paleoecology Lab

The Human Paleoecology lab provides office and research space for our graduate students. It also houses our zooarchaeology lab and microscopy equipment. Recent research includes obsidian source analyses, studies documenting trends in bison morphological evolution and reconstructions of prehistoric bison hunting and processing strategies.

Dr. Dave Byers

Dr. Judson Finley

Dr. Steve Simm

Osteology and Zooarchaeology Lab

The Osteology and Zooarchaeology Lab provides a space for Ostology and Zooarchaeology courses. The lab is equipped with a variety of skeletal specimens for study.

Dr. Pat Lambert

Dr. Dave Byers

Mountain West Center for Regional Studies

The Mountain West Center for Regional Studies is a platform for multidisciplinary research, teaching and outreach. The center promotes greater knowledge of our understanding of the Interior West, its land, history, and cultural groups. An example of the type of ongoing work at the Mountain West Center is the Northern Utah/Southern Idaho Folklife Project. Funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the center researches the traditional culture of the people of this region.

Dr. Patricia Lambert

Program Assistant:
Barbara Warnes