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Judson Finley


Assistant Professor, Anthropology-Archaeology
Utah State University

USU Logan Campus, OM 245F
0730 Old Main Hill
Logan UT 84322-0730
Phone: (435) 797-9621


  • 2008, Ph.D. in Anthropology from Washington State University
  • 2001, M.A. in Anthropology from Washington State University
  • 1996, B.A. in Anthropology from University of Wyoming


Dr. Finley's research focuses on the Central Rocky Mountains and Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems in northwestern Wyoming and southern Montana where he studies rockshelter formation processes, human response to environmental change, and the effects of culture contact and colonialism on the Native Tribes of Wyoming and Montana. Dr. Finley’s rockshelter studies are in the Bighorn and Pryor Mountains where he is characterizing variability in Late Quaternary formation processes. He is also working with Marcel Kornfeld and Bob Kelly (University of Wyoming), to understand the role of rockshelters in Early Paleoindian (i.e., Clovis and Folsom) settlement strategies.

Dr. Finley is interested in Late Paleoindian (i.e., the Foothills-Mountain Tradition) and Archaic lifeways, particularly the effects of climate change on human foraging patterns. He examines the relationships between rockshelter formation processes, Late Quaternary environmental change, and human foraging behavior expressed in the archaeofaunal record. Dr. Finley’s rockshelter studies use geochronology techniques, such as AMS and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence), macrostratigraphy, and geomorphic processes to link rockshelter formation to environmental change. He plans to add micromorphology to many of the rockshelters he has already characterized and will use stable isotope geochemistry as an additional line of evidence for Late Quaternary environmental change.

Currently, Dr. Finley is conducting a multi-year archaeological training program in Bighorn Canyon National recreation Area in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Branam (St. Cloud State University), Matt Rowe (Indiana University), and the Crow and Northern Cheyenne tribes of southern Montana. Dr. Finley plans to develop a source analysis program in collaboration with Geology faculty at Utah State University that focuses on obsidian and ceramic artifacts in the Central Rocky Mountains, eastern Great Basin, and northern Colorado Plateau.

                        Photo courtesy of: Dan Baney, Northwest College, Powell, Wyoming


Geoarchaeology; Archaeometry; Paleoecology; Environmental Change; Human-Environmental Interactions; Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology; Cultural Resources Management; High Plains and Rocky Mountains


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ANTH 3300 Archaeology of North America, ANTH 5300/6300 Archaeology Field School, ANTH 5330/6330 Geoarchaeology, ANTH 6390 Cultural Resource Management Policy, ANTH 6420 Lithic Analysis



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