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Internships in the Museum

Our internships offer undergraduate and graduate students a chance to gain valuable job skills and unique insight into museum operations either by working directly with the public, contributing to museum administration, or being actively engaged in the operation of the Museum.

Like all internships at Utah State University, an internship at the USU Museum of Anthropology is a prearranged, structured, learning experience scheduled within a specific time frame.

The experience must be relevant to the student's academic and professional goals or to the mission of the Museum. Museum Internships are generally a full semester and require a minimum commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week.

There are many opportunities for all education levels to participate and learn through a diverse assortment of internships in the Museum.

Museum Studies Certificate

Students with backgrounds in Museum Studies move on to a broad range of occupations not only in museums, but in national parks, libraries, zoos, and aquaria.

Through the combined efforts of the Anthropology Program and the Museum of Anthropology, two Museum Studies courses are offered each academic year that coincide with the Museum Studies Certificate. The certificate is recommended for those wishing to continue in graduate studies in museums or in professional museum work.

Through their experience in the certificate program, students can:

  • Become familiar with the history, philosophy and goals of modern museums.

  • Learn the processes surrounding museum collections and practice.

  • Build a foundation in museum administration, education, collections, and exhibit design.

For details on how to obtain a Museum Studies certificate, students should visit the Anthropology Office at Old Main, in room 245. Students considering earning a certificate need to meet with the certificate advisor, Dr. Molly Boeka Cannon, as early as possible for help planning a course of study. Dr. Cannon will sign the necessary forms for the certificate to be added to a students' transcript upon graduation.

Certificate Advisor: Dr. Molly Boeka Cannon
Museum Director
Old Main 252A

Museum Studies Certificate Requirements

Museum of Anthropology booth

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