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We engage our museum visitors by refreshing our exhibits frequently and creating new exhibits once or twice a year. Our exhibition conceptually links themes from anthropology through material culture. We emphasize continuity between exhibits and promote appreciation of cultures and a deeper understanding of cultural processes.

Current Exhibits

  • Anthropology: What's It To You?
  • Artistic Expressions in Ancient Peruvian Cultures
  • Atlatls, Nets and Pinyon Nuts: Gathering Food in the Prehistoric Great Basin
  • Aviation and Immigration During World War I
  • Chinese Railroad Camps
  • Death on the Nile: The Afterlife in Egypt's New Kingdom
  • Human Origins: The Hominid Family Tree
  • Maria Martinez: The Shaping of a Legacy
  • Threads of Life: Textiles of Indonesia
  • Message on a Body: Body Modification Through Time & Across the Globe
  • Ötzi: The Ice Man
  • This Old House: Caves, Wikiups & Pit houses of the Fremont
  • Persistence in New Guinea's Highlands
  • Rotating Exhibit: Visit to Find Out!

Exhibit celebrating the life of Maria Martinez

Message on a Body Exhibit

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