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Graduate Students

Master's in CRM Completed:

Tod W. Hildebrandt: (

Research Interests: Determinants of high altitude villages: a comparison of Alta Toquima and a hypothetical "Alta Toiyabe.”

Thesis Title: Intensification, Storage and the Use of Alpine Habitats in the Central Great Basin: Prehistoric Subsistence Strategies in the Toquima and Toiyabe Ranges.

Ashley Losey: (

Research Interests: Risk and Climate at High Elevation, a Z-score Model Case Study from Wyoming's Wind River Range.

Thesis Title: Risk and Climate at High Elevation: A Z-Score Model Case Study for Prehistoric Human Occupation of Wyoming's Wind River Range.

Ashley chaired a session and presented at the Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Stateline, NV, October 2012. Title: Risk and Climate at High Altitude, a Z-score Model Case Study from Wyoming's Wind River Range.

Britt McNamara: (

Research Interests: Public archaeology, education and museums.

Thesis Title: Structure and Agency in Archaeological Site Stewardship Programs.

Jon Peart: (

Research Interests: Late Prehistoric organization of technology, lithic procurement in the Upper Gunnison Basin, Colorado

Thesis Title: Late Prehistoric Technology, Quartzite Procurement, and Land Use in the Upper Gunnison Basin, Colorado: View from Site 5GN1.2
2009 COHORT:

Ben Fowler: (

Research Interests: Paleoindian studies in southeastern Idaho and the Intermountain West, geochemical sourcing of obsidian and forager mobility.

Dayna Reale: (

Research Interests: Site structure, Wyoming

Thesis Title: Houses, Groundstone and Large Game abundance:  A study of Archaic Land Use Patterns in the Wyoming Basin

2010 COHORT:

Ryan Breslawski: (

Research Interests: Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology and study of bison bone, Idaho.

Jessica Dougherty: (

Research Interests: Ceramics and forager mobility, Idaho.


Elizabeth Seymour: (

Research Interests: Fremont architecture and social complexity.

2011 COHORT:

Candice Cravins: (

Research Interests: Teaching with Archaeology: Effective Museum Education Programming and Curriculum Development for Utah Public Schools.

Cody Dalpra: (

Research Interests: Petrographic analysis of Upper Gunnison Basin, Colorado quartzites.

Cody presented (with Bonnie Pitblado and Carol Dehler) at the Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Stateline, NV, October 2012. Title: Preliminary Results of Petrographic Analysis of Quartzite Sources in the Gunnison Basin, Colorado.

Chimalis Kuehn: (

Research Interests: Agricultural economics of Fremont irrigation.

Chimalis presented (with Nancy Kay Harrison and Steven Simms) at the Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Stateline, NV, October 2012. Title: The Archaeology of Ancient Fremont Irrigation.

Reed McDonald
: (

Research Interests:
Landscape archaeology and archaeological survey methodology using GPS.

Reed presented at the Idaho Archaeological Society Conference in Moscow, Id, October 2012. Title: Bounded Sites and Landscape Survey at the City of Rocks, Idaho.

2012 COHORT:

Diana Azevedo: (

Research Interests: Zooarchaeology, evolutionary ecology, Jamaican shell middens and paleoecology.

Carlie Ideker: (

Research Interests: Ceramics, geochemical sourcing and forager mobility, Wyoming.

2013 COHORT:

Elizabeth Hora-Cook: ( 

Research Interest: Late prehistory, geochemical source analysis, and the intermountain West.

Hillary Jones: (

Research Interest: Geoarchaeology and site formation processes.

Anastasia Lugo-Mendez: (

Research Interest: Fremont irrigation canals, OSL dating in archaeology


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