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Leslie Williams

Biological Anthropology
Utah State University

USU Logan Campus, 245B Old Main
0730 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-0730


  • 2013, Ph.D. in Anthropology, Ohio State University
  • M.S., 2004 in Human Osteology and Funeral Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UK
  • B.A. , 2002 in Anthropology, University of California, Berkley, CA


Dr. Williams is a bioarchaeologist whose research centers on understanding human response and adaptation to mass disaster and climate change. She earned her doctorate in Anthropology from the Ohio State University, with a focus on the health effects of medieval and post-medieval climate change in central Europe. Her current project expands on her previous research by examining dental health to better understand dental disease processes in these populations.

Dr. Williams’ studies and research collaborations have taken her to Germany, England, Italy, and the Eastern United States and span osteology, archaeology, paleopathology, and historical demography. In addition to work in bioarchaeology and paleopathology, she has conducted meta-analyses of anthropological data as presented in various media and focuses many of her investigations on reconstructing the lifeways and health of women in the past. She has previously served as an assistant for the Global History of Health Project at the Ohio State University and has taught multiple courses in biological and cultural anthropology.


Bioarchaeology, human health and disease, climate change and health, human response to mass disaster, mortuary archaeology, gender archaeology, forensic anthropology.


Larsen C.S., Williams L.L. (2012) Internationalizing Physical Anthropology: A View of the Study of Living 
   Human Variation from the Pages of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Current  
   Anthropology 53 (S5): S139-S151.

Smith M.O., Betsinger T.K., and Williams L.L. (2011). Differential visibility of treponemal disease in
   pre-Columbian stratified societies: Does rank matter? American Journal of Physical Anthropology 144
   (2): 185-195.

Vercellotti G., Williams L..L, and Stout S.D. (2010). Two possible cases of mastoidectomy from a recent
   Italian ossuary. Paleopathology Newsletter (Sept 2010) 151:13-18.

Williams L.L. (2009). "The Dam is Becoming Dangerous and May Possibly Go”: The Paleodemography and
   Political Economy of the Johnstown Flood. In Eric C. Jones and Arthur D. Murphy, eds. The Political
   Economy of Hazards and Disasters. Lanham and New York: Altamira Press. Pp. 31-57.


Perspectives on Race and Osteology



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