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Anna Cohen

Anna Cohen


Online Instructor, Adjunct Faculty

Educational Background:

2016 PhD in Anthropology, University of Washington

2011 MA in Anthropology, University of Washington

2008 MA in Anthropology and Social Sciences, University of Chicago

2005 BA Anthropology and Religious Studies (minor in Political Science), McGill University

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Political economy, consumption, comparative urbanism; remote sensing, ceramic analysis, archaeometry, architecture; politics and ethics of archaeology and the sciences, history of science; Mesoamerica


Introduction to Biological AnthropologyIntroduction to Archaeology: The Human Past

Anna Cohen completed her PhD in 2016 at the University of Washington where she examined how regime change can impact and shape local communities. Her primary research focuses on urbanism and political economies at the ancient Purépecha city of Angamuco, located in Michoacán, Mexico. She uses archaeometry, geochemistry, and spatial analysis to assess intra-site and regional variation in production and consumption activities throughout political developments. In addition to Mexico, Anna has worked on projects in Honduras, Albania, France, India, and various parts of the U.S., including the Southeast and Great Basin/Plains. Anna also has long-standing interests in the politics and ethics of archaeology and the sciences, and in the history of science in the Americas.