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Ethnographies 2017
Here is where you will find the completed and published ethnographies of students who attended the Ethnographic Field School in Huanchaco Peru, Summer 2017.   Click on the picture below to read the
research of our fabulous student ethnographers

Post Flood Adaptations of a Peruvian Community

Written by Addi Castillo
Download PDF Here

"Safer in the Road":
An Assessment of Disability Access
in La Libertad, Peru

Written by McKinley K. Benson
Download PDF Here

Traded for Another
A Case Study of Two Single Mothers and Their Children's Physical Health in El Milagro, Peru

Written by Julia Williams
Download PDF Here

Life After Disaster: A Visual
Ethnographyof Life, Family, and Homes
After Flooding in Peru

Written by Alycia Beckstrand
Download PDF Here

"The Plants Listen to You":
Gender and Geography in the Knowledge of Medicinal Plants in Northern Peru

Written by Anders Hart
Download PDF Here

Pride or Prejudice?
An ethnographic exploration of
Peruvian LGTB+ Issues

danielWritten by Daniel TB Sykes
Download PDF Here

When the Waters Came: A Study of
Differences of Wealth in a
Post-Disaster Community

Written by Savannah Hill
Download PDF Here

Community Farming in Times of Need

Written by Joe Montoya
Download PDF Here



Do You Have What You Need?
Assessing post-flood needs and assets in El Milagro, Peru

Written by Gavin S. Whaley
Download PDF Here

The Olla Común: 
A Study of Peruvian Gender Roles

Written by Jack White
Download PDF Here

The Therapy Groupie, Tough Guy, and
the Doormat: A Study of Resilience
in Post-Flood Peru

Written by Madeline Holland
Download PDF Here

Of Priests and Pelicans: Religion in Northern Peru

Religious Syncretism: San Pedro festival in PeruWritten by Kennedi Bloomquist
Download PDF Here