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2015-2019 Alumni

Matt Williams - Class of 2015

Matt is currently employed in security with the Northeastern Oklahoma Correctional Center in Vinita, Oklahoma. He is considering graduate work in Archaeology in Europe.


Megan Oliverson - Class of 2015

I collected dental pathology data from this collection for my own research on the Gepids. I also experienced bioarchaeological field work at the Jucu de Sus necropolis project. I was able to work with so many amazing people and loved being able to learn so much!

This summer (2015) I am just finishing up my summer job, again working in Romania with Transylvania Bioarchaeology. I lead a group of students in the proper excavation techniques for excavating human remains, and how to complete an osteological/palaeopathological analysis of the individuals we excavate.

I will be attending Durham University for my MSc in Palaeopathology in the fall of 2015.


Prairie Fox - Class of 2015

I am a barista at the Barnes and Nobles in Layton and will start my Master's of Education soon.

Sharon Sandlin - Class of 2015

Sharon is currently employed with Western Archaeological Services based in Rock Spring, Wyoming. 


Brandi Allred - Class of 2015

Brandi is currently employed with USU Archaeological Services as an  Archaeological Lab Technician.


Audrey George - Class of 2015

Audrey plans to spend a year teaching in Spain while applying to Medical Schools.