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Anthropology Student Research Enhancement Fund (ASREF) Grants

Grant purpose: Competitively awarded ASREF grants will fund primary student research (field or archival) and costs associated with presentation of such research at a professional conference. Fundable expenses include supplies needed to complete research or prepare a presentation and travel costs to conduct or present research (e.g., gasoline, plane fare, lodging). ASREF will not fund equipment purchases, unless the equipment will be retained by the Anthropology Program upon project completion.

Applicant requirements:

1) Anthropology major
2) Support of an anthropology faculty sponsor
3) Evidence of likelihood of project success, as inferred from some or all of the following:

  • High GPA 

  • Extensive anthropology course background,

  • Field or lab experience (archaeological, ethnographic, or osteological),

  • A track-record of conducting independent research,

  • A strong research proposal

 Download the Grant Application