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Financial Assistance


Financial assistance is available in various forms including Graduate Assistantships, Tuition Awards, Work-Study, and employment through faculty research projects. For a summary of financial aid, see the School of Graduate Studies website. Upon application, you will automatically considered for financial aid provided by the Anthropology Program.

Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Awards through the Anthropology Program are announced on March 15th of each year, along with the notification of acceptance to graduate school. For those who do not receive an offer of financial aid, you will be notified of your ranking on the list of students seeking financial aid. This way you can gauge the likelihood of aid should a higher ranking student not accept an offer. After April 15th, any financial aid not accepted will be awarded to the next person on the list.

Students who receive financial aid will need to reapply each year by February 1st. However, you should be aware that opportunities for financial aid arise continuously through individual faculty members. For details about financial aid, see the Graduate Handbook.

Applications are reviewed by a committee of the archaeologists in the Anthropology Program. Determinations include acceptance as a matriculated student, acceptance as a non-matriculated student, and rejection. Acceptance as a non-matriculated student may be dependent on deficiencies in the application for graduate study or a need for prerequisite coursework. Once these are satisfied, a student is moved to matriculated status. Applicants accepted as matriculated students are ranked for the award of financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistantships (GAs) and tuition awards administered by the Anthropology Program. Decisions about Graduate Assistantships held by individual faculty members are made by those faculty members (see section "Financial Aid" section of Graduate Handbook for more information). Graduate students are notified of the committee's decisions via email and letter.