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Online Anthropology Minor


Discover how an anthropology degree prepares you for a career.

Anthropology is the study of human culture, past and present. Our online minor program offers courses in three anthropological subfields: cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. Students gain an understanding of cultural differences, skills in social research, and tools to communicate and think critically in a multicultural, global world. Graduates of this program will be competitive in the fields of medicine, public health, education, communication, business, and public service. The online anthropology minor is designed to satisfy general education and university studies requirements.


Minimum of 18 Anthropology credits.

Required Courses (Total 9 credits required)
• ANTH 1010 Cultural Anthropology (BSS)
• ANTH 1020 Biological Anthropology (BLS)
• ANTH 1030 World Archaeology (BSS)


Electives (Total 9 credits required)
• ANTH 2010 Peoples of the World (BSS)
• ANTH 3140 Anthropology of Sex and Gender
• ANTH 3200 Perspectives on Race (DSS)(CI)
• ANTH 4800 Geophysics and Archaeology


How To Apply

To apply for the Online Anthropology Minor, you must be formally admitted to Utah State University. However, non-degree seeking students may still take credits toward a future Online Anthropology Minor through the Quick Admission process. Find the Online Undergraduate Application and other information about the admissions process through USU's Distance Education Program.


Judson Finley
Anthropology Program Director

Anthropology Advisors