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Anthropology Peer Advisors
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Katie Bohm

For Katie, learning about people and culture adds richness and exuberance to life. This love for diverse cultures and people is what motivated her to study Anthropology.  Katie is a Junior anticipating graduation Spring of 2019. Throughout her academic career, she has enjoyed not only learning about others, but gaining personal growth and pushing the boundaries of her own strengths and weaknesses. Katie lauds her husband of nearly 21 years, Michael (whom she met when she was 14), as the biggest supporter of her education.  

Professionally, Katie hopes to work to create workspaces as more human-oriented and friendly by becoming a Human Resources personnel when she grows up.  She is most happy when helping others and hopes to be a good resource in the work environment when personal life and employment collide. This passion for helping leads to her hopes for a better world, one in which she hopes to see true acceptance of each other regardless of categories. 

Personally, Katie enjoys most outdoor activities, including hiking, 4wheeling and mountain biking.  Her perfect day would consist of camping wiht friends, engaging in some of these hobbies and sitting by the fire laughing all night.  Katie has a passion for running and used to frequently compete in 1/2 marathons every chance she would get.  She has put that passion the back burner until completing her education, "In a few more years there will be time for that again."

Katie loves her role as a peer advisor because she gets to meet with fellow students and exploring options for their personal and academic growth.  Set up an appointment with Katie above or shoot her an email at with any questions.

Kachina Mabey

Kachina is a Senior in the Archaeology track anticipating graduation this spring semester. Kachina has loved learning about history, diverse people and places since she was little. She has found the puzzle provided by material culture left behind and how it helps us to understand others to be enticing aspects of Archaeology.  A little known fact about Kachina is that when she was little she wanted to by just like Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. "In other words a do-it-all archaeologist, multi-ancient linguist, military kick-rear woman.  But I have sucked at every language I have tried to perfect (save English) and my push-ups are lacking."

Kachina loves studying at Utah State University and the beauty and community associated with it. She has found faculty and the museum studies program to be influential to her academic career and enjoys her position as a peer advisor to perpetuate positive experiences among all students and faculty.

When Kachina moves on to fulfill her dream career, she doesn't care where she will be but hopes to be an artifact conservator. Hopefully that career will provide a way for her to achieve the perfect day which involves a good nights rest, reading, outdoors, visiting a museum and enjoying family and friends and, of course, good food. If Kachina could change anything about the world it would be to increase in love which leads to more understanding, beauty and happiness.

If you are thinking about majoring in Anthropology or have questions about your degree, please feel free to contact Kachina at