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Samples of Possible Graduate Student Research 2014-Current

With Dr. David Byers


  • Artiodactyls, stable isotopes and climate change on the Snake River Plain

  • Hunter gatherer subsistence in the Great Basin, Wyoming Basin, and southern Idaho

  • Large game processing intensity

  • Prehistoric Aleut stable isotope chemistry and subsistence change



With Dr. Jacob Freeman





With Dr. Judson Finley


  • Archaeological site documentation and condition assessment at Dinosaur National Monument

  • Tree-ring analysis and paleoenvironmental reconstruction, Uinta Basin and northeastern Colorado Plateau

  • Alluvial geoarchaeology and stream valley histories, Uinta Basin

  • Archaeological overview and assessment, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

  • Late Prehistoric artifact sourcing (obsidian, ceramics, and chert) and social networks, northeastern Great Basin and Central Rocky Mountains


With Dr. Steven Simms


  • Prehistoric Native American irrigation in Utah

  • Site structure and wickiups of the Great Basin and Rocky Mountains

  • Hogup Cave ceramics and logistic mobility of Wasatch Front Fremont

  • The energetics of limber pine collecting and processing Hunter?gatherer firewood use and Pinyon?Juniper forest structure

  • Wooden Pronghorn traps and wickiups as proxy measures of wildland fire history

  • Rock art and Fremont-Puebloan integration