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Why Give?

The Anthropology Program is built upon a  foundation of excellence. Our faculty members are recognized for  world-class teaching and leadership, and our students engage in research  and service learning that will help change the world. However, without  the generosity of others we simply would not be who we are today. 

State budgets continue to recover from the global economic downturn.  Without additional support, we cannot sustain the traditional high-level  research, teaching, and learning opportunities USU students deserve and  have come to expect.

Many students do not realize that tuition does not cover the full cost  of operating the college and university. It doesn’t even cover half.  State funding doesn’t either. The difference is made by private donors  who believe in USU’s mission and support it through gifts for  scholarships,
professorships, and programs. They help USU retain quality  faculty members, recruit top students, and continue its tradition of  excellence.
Service Learning Asset Based Community Development Haunchaco, Trujillo, Peru

Please consider giving to the Anthropology Program if you:

Received a scholarship or fellowship
Participated in a student club or sport
Had a teacher who made you feel valued, who made you feel capable of making a difference
Were subsidized to present your research at a conference
Feel you benefited from your education at USU