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The Interfaith Initiative

Founded in 2014 at Utah State University to build bridges across religious difference on campus, the USU Interfaith Initiative seeks to create positive and meaningful interaction among all who orient around religion differently. Our curricular and co-curricular programs and events help students acquire the knowledge, the vision, and the skills that will help them successfully navigate the religiously diverse and complicated complex world they will encounter after graduation. They illustrate the theoretical and practical value of interfaith cooperation in a democratic society.

Our programs encourage meaning-making: Students reflect upon their most deeply held values and beliefs as they learn to artfully communicate these to others. In the process they connect more deeply with themselves. Our programs encourage empathy, engagement, and positive civicengagement across religious divides: Students learn to listen for understanding and to appreciate difference, As they identify common values across religious difference, they find new ways to more meaningfully connect with one another. and to come together in service to a common good.

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