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To enhance visitor experiences, we refresh our exhibits frequently and create new exhibits once or twice a year. In 2007, students in Museum Studies classes redesigned virtually all of the museum's exhibits, giving it an updated look. Focusing on all fields of anthropology, each exhibit has elements that tie one exhibit to another, providing continuity and promoting a deeper understanding of cultures and cultural processes. Designed by students and faculty, visitors can explore and learn about Ötzi the Iceman, journey into the grasslands of Africa and dance with the Dogon tribe, or experience prehistoric and historic cultures in the Americas. In 2013-1414 students updated The Origins of Humanity exhibit and created a new exhibit "When I Was a Child..." 


Current Exhibits

A Tradition of Diversity: Peruvian Ceramics
Anthropology: What's It To You?
Atlatls, Nets and Pinyon Nuts: Gathering Food in the Prehistoric Great Basin
Chinese Railroad Camps
Death on the Nile: The Afterlife in Egypt's New Kingdom
Form and Function: Native American Basketry of the West Coast
Great Basin Basketry
Human Origins
Ice Age Peopling of the Americas
Maria Martinez: The Shaping of a Legacy
Message on a Body: Body Modification Through Time & Across the Globe
Ötzi: The Ice Man
Peruvian Healing
Petra Past and Present: City of Discovery and Trade
Ritual and Religion in Dogon Culture
Samoan Ceremonies
Status and Pride in Tribal Africa
This Old House: Caves, Wikiups & Pit houses of the Fremont
When I Was A Child...