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Julia Clark

Julia Clark


Adjunct Faculty

Educational Background

• Ph.D.- Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh, 2014 • B.A.- History, Sociology, and Anthropology; Cornell College, Iowa; 2006


Dr. Clark is an anthropological archaeologist specializing in the investigation of human-environment and human-animal relationships, risk management strategies in marginal environments, and socio-political organization. Many of her projects prioritize salvage archaeology related to threats such as looting, climate change, and under-resourced infrastructure. Julia utilizes a range of methods in her research, including GIS analysis, predictive modelling, survey, excavation, ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, and zooarchaeology. Her main area of field research is Mongolia and the Eurasian Steppe where she has been working since 2007. Dr. Clark is the founding director of NOMAD Science Mongolia, a non-profit organization at the intersection of archaeo-tourism, field education, cultural heritage preservation, salvage archaeology, and cutting edge research.