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Ellis Montague

Ellis Montague



Contact Information

Office Hours: By appointment

Educational Background

2017, M.S. Conflict and Dispute Resolution Program, University of Oregon School of Law 2009, B.S. Sociology, University of Oregon


Culture and Conflict Transformation, Social Movements Organizing, Nonprofit Organization, Critical Analysis, Anti-Colonization and Decolonization, North American Indigenous Studies, Revitalization and Resistance Movements.


I have an academic background in Sociology, Anthropology, and History. My Master’s paper was, Activism, Advocacy, and Process: Nonprofit Organizing for Social Change. I have organized with and done support work for such groups as: The Western Shoshone Defense Project, Food Not Bombs, the Zapatistas, Utah Food Bank, Liberation Collective, Autonomy House Collective, Earth First, and United Academics UO. I have taught courses in Cultural Anthropology at USU since 2018.