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Field School

Into the Field

The Anthropology Program offers several field schools covering various issues in anthropology and archaeology. Each field school or course is committed to integrating the humanistic and scientific perspectives of our discipline while pursuing analytical and applied research.

The mission of the field school program is to help students explore the contours of culture and society across space and through time, while serving local, national, and international communities by sharing their education, research, and scholarship. These field schools also provide training for students to gain the necessary skills to adapt to an increasingly global world which relies on people who can work with economic, social, scientific, technological, and political issues in a continually evolving multicultural modern society.


Field Trip Course (Fall)
ANTH 3380

Field trip to archaeological points of interest. Trips vary in destination (local to surrounding sates) and duration (1-7 days). Credits vary from 1-3 and are determined by the instructor based on the duration of the trip and the accompanying reading, writing and any other assignments  on a particular trip. Additional field support fee required. Prerequisite/Restriction: ANTH 1030 and instructor's permission.

Dr. Judson Finley

Archaeology Field Schools and Field Trip Course

The Anthropology Program usually conducts archaeology field schools in a variety of locations. While the locations vary from year to year, archeology field schools generally introduce students to a variety of archaeological methods including mapping, survey, geophysical survey, testing and small-scale excavation. Students also gain experience working with the public.


ANTH 1030 World Archaeology
ANTH 2330 Principles of Archaeology or instructor permission

Archaeology Field School (summer)
ANTH 5300/6300

Internship on archaeological field project, including survey, excavation, recording, mapping and scientific conduct of archaeological problem solving. Application process may begin as early as December. Additional field support fee required. Prerequisite/Restriction: ANTH 1030 and instructor's permission.

Dr. David Byers

Dr. Judson Finley

Dr. Jacob Freeman