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Students in 2015

Field School summer 2015 in Shoshone Basin, Idaho.

Director: Dr. David Byers

students in 2013
Archaeology Field Trip Course to Pinedale, Wyoming with Dr. Judson Finley 

students in 2011

High Altitude Archaeology in the Wind River Range, Wyoming. Excavation of High Rise Village. Director: Dr. Christopher Morgan.

studnets in 1999
The Archaeology of of Dugway Proving Ground.  Survey and excavation of Playa View Dune adn the Orr Springs Wickiup sit.  Directors: Dr. Steven Simms and Dave Schmitt.

Students in 2014

Director: Dr. Judson Finley Field School summer 2014 in Lake Channel, Idaho.

Director: Dr. David Byers 

studetnts in 2003 to 2007
Paleoindian Archaeology in the Rockies. Excavation at the Chance Gulch site, Gunnison, Colorado. Director: 

students in 1993The Archaeology of the Jarbidge Mountains northern Nevada and Mt. Irish, southeastern Nevada.  Survey of high altitude occupations, excavation of hunting drive system/camp, excavation of rock shelter adn survey of rock art.  Directors: Dr. Steven Simms and William Fawcett.

Archaeology Field School Idaho

Ute Trails Project took USU Archaeology Field School students to Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction, Colorado for 20 days of archaeological field work. Students recorded Ute camps and rock art sites. The work was in collaboration with the Ute tribes of Colorado and Utah and with Dominguez Archaeological Research Group. The research is supported by a grant from the Colorado Historical Fund.  See Photos

Director: Dr. Steven Simms 

students in 2012
Field School winter 2012 in Bluefields, Jamaica.

Dr. David Byers 

Western Puebloan Archaeology, Kanab, Utah. Survey and excavation of  three Anasazi sites. Director:
Dr. Steven Simms

students in 2000 to 2001
Great Salt Lake Project.  Excavation of Fremont and Late Prehistoric sites and recovery of human skeletal remains near Willard Bay and Plain City.  Directors: Dr. Steven Simms and Dr. Carol Loveland.