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 2010-2014 Alumni

Class of 2013

Martin Welker

Man with light skin and long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. He is sitting on a grassy slope next to a body of water. He is wearing a gray tshirt and jeans.

Class of 2013 B.S. in Anthropology with Departmental Honors & Museum Studies Certificate

After graduating from USU I attended Penn State as a graduate student in anthropology from 2013-2018. I am a currently a postdoc in anthropology at Penn State, and will become the Assistant Curator of Zooarchaeology at the Arizona State Museum in Tucson in August 2019. Much of my current research centers on understanding the interaction between human and animal communities, especially how environmental and anthropogenic pressures have influenced the distribution and physical traits of domesticates. My doctoral research centered on understanding changes in body size associated with the role of domestic animals in human communities using domestic dogs as a case study. To accomplish this, I compared the physical morphology of European and Native American dogs preserved in their skeletal remains. This research has revealed significant morphological differences between dogs introduced by European colonists and Native American dog breeds in Eastern North America. I have also recently collaborated with Dr. David Byers to test whether or not dogs in various Intermountain West and Great Plains cultures were capable of transporting ethnographically reported travois and pannier pack loads of as much as 100lb. I am actively involved in several projects which further explore the roles and physical morphology of domestic dogs in North America, the reliability of methods used in identifying dog remains, and the introduction of domestic chickens and cattle from Europe.

Dallin Webb

Man with light skin, shaved head, short facial hair. He is wearing a black tshirt and black sunglasses. There is a lake in the background.

Dallin is currently employed as an Archaeologist with Logan Simpson Design in Salt Lake City, Utah.

 Class of 2014

Alexis Maughn

Smiling woman with light skin. She is wearing a dark blue, short sleeve top, khaki pants, a wide-brimmed floppy tan hat, and blue gardening gloves. She is standing waist deep in a narrow section of an excavation site. She is holding her arms outstretched and has a trowel in her right hand. There are orange 5-gallon buckets near her on the level above.

Alexis Maughn works for Bighorn Archaeological Consultants, LLC in Orem, UT.

Elizabeth Payne

Smiling woman wtih light skin and long blond hair. She is wearing her black graduation cap (with a white tassle) and gown. The background is an old brick building.

I attended Utah State from 2010-2014 as an anthropology major and feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with such a fantastic faculty during my time there. My interests in anthropology have been focused on reproduction and childhood. I have had the privilege to have worked with several professors on my research interests, and gained valuable undergraduate experience; conference and poster presentations, ethnographic field school, teaching fellowships, and more. I am now about to start graduate school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where I will continue to focus my research on topics of human reproduction, specifically working with professors who are studying placentophagy and childhood and reproduction among the hunter-gatherers, the Hadza. I am excited to see what the future brings, and I know I wouldn't be where I am now without all the USU anthropology staff and faculty.