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Official USUSA Anthropology Club Logo Announced

black and gray globe with white lettering that says "USUSA Anthropology Club"
USUSA Anthropology Club Logo

In February, the USUSA Anthropology Club held a design competition for its official logo. We received many submissions. Each demonstrated the club, its membership, and the field of anthropology in striking and unique ways. The voting was tight, but we have a winning design.

We are so pleased to reveal the official logo for the USUSA Anthropology Club, designed by Anthropology major and Peer Advisor, Kourtney Bonzo. "When designing the logo for the USUSA Anthropology Club, I felt the club needed something simple and classic. The club's purpose is to support human diversity and awareness through social events, educational opportunities, and community involvement. Anthropologists do that by attempting to understand those near and far, one could say around the world! So I felt the club needed a logo that represented the anthropologists' desire to increase human discourse worldwide," said Kourtney.

The logo is a globe with a gray background and black continents which will be used on paper, letterhead, or anything with a white background. An alternate version of the logo with a white/blank background will be used against Aggie Blue materials or put onto club 'swag' in the future.