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Welcome to the Club!

multiple hands fist-bumping across a meeting table filled with laptops and notebooks

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the USUSA Anthropology Club! The club was previously operated by students to build an anthropological community at USU. We are happy to announce that legacy will continue in full force with the backing of the USU Student Association.

The USUSA Anthropology Club is a community for students (and USU empoloyees) interested in all branches and sub-fields of anthropology, human diversity, and related fields. Club activities involve volunteer/service, community interaction, learning more about anthropology, open forums and lectures, discussing current events through an anthropological lens, etc.  Our purpose is to promote anthropological interests, awareness, and the learning process. We aim to enhance educational opportunities and provide further encrichment outside the classroom, as well as foster ties between the university, the community, and anthropological organizations.

If you are interested in joining the Club, or participating in any meetings or events, please join us! Check the Club calendar for a schedule of events each month. We look forward to seeing you!