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Welcome to the Anthropology Club

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 Welcome to the Anthropology Club


This is a club and community for students interested in all branches and sub-fields of anthropology, human diversity, and related fields. Club activities involve volunteer/service, community interaction, learning more about anthropology, open forums and lectures, discussing current events through an anthropological lens, etc.


The USUSA Anthropology Club's purpose is to promote anthropological interests and awareness; to promote the learning process of students interested in anthropology and its related disciplines; to enhance educational opportunities of the department and provide further enrichment outside the classroom;  to foster ties between the university and community, as well as other anthropological organizations and departments on campus.

The club also exists to provide quality experiences in the introduction and exploration of anthropology as a social science by sponsoring open lectures, forums, and activities related to the discipline. The Club endeavors to provide educational experiences for the student body and larger college community as well as opportunities to foster increased interest in the department as a whole.


 The mission of the USUSA Anthropology Club is to promote anthropological learning and interest among USU students in a way that fosters community, scholarship, and service. 

USUSA Anthropology Club Constitution




Student and faculty at socialStudent and faculty at socialStudent and faculty at social

Student and faculty at social

Student and faculty at social

Students and Faculty were able to connect with each other at our annual social.  It was a great evening of laughter and expanding our social circle. Please join us at our next activity!